Struggling to get finance because of a credit impairment?

A Credit Impaired loan is essentially for applicants who have an impaired and/or imperfect credit score as a result of too many loan enquiries, defaults, debt agreements or Bankruptcy. These loans can be secured or unsecured depending upon the loan amount, loan purpose and your situation.

There are already many obstacles between a client and their ideal finance. With a poor credit rating, it gets even harder to secure a loan. At Cornell Finance we dig deep with each client to understand your needs and to create a really strong picture of your finances so we may present you as a viable option for securing finance. We have a pool of lenders on board with us that we can utilise to be able to help you secure your ideal finance.

If you feel like you may be classes as credit impaired or have struggled to gain finance in the past, we are happy to sit down with you to check out your eligibility. Simply fill in the form on this page to get started.