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When looking for a home loan, you’ll notice that the marketplace isn’t short of enticing options. From the big4 to non-bank smaller lenders, building societies, credit unions and local and international banks, there is a multitude of choice. Provided you make an informed choice, this level of competition is good news for you! Lenders are in an unprecedented level of competition and under pressure to produce new products and services.

There are honeymoon rates, introductory low rates, standard variable rates, fixed rates, redraw options and line of credit loans to name a few. Are you getting confused yet? We honestly don’t blame you. We know the challenges faced when looking for your ideal loan and can happily aid you in understanding the world of residential lending and guide you towards your ideal financial solution without the stress and pain of a traditional application.

At Finance Corporation, we’re here to help you to gain a better understanding of available options in the market and equip you with knowledge to assist you to make the ideal decision for you. We can also research your options and negotiate with lenders on your behalf to help you obtain a competitive interest rate.

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